Camera, Sound & Lighting Hire

As one of London’s premier hire companies we supply a full range of the latest broadcast television equipment.

We can supply ALL broadcast camera, sound & lighting equipment.
If an item you want is not on the list below contact us.

Broadcast Equipment Available for Hire



Sony F55, Sony Fs7 Mk II, Sony F5, Sony A7s Mk II
Sony XDCam, PDW800, PMW500
Arri Alexa, Arri Alexa Mini, Alexa Amira
RED Weapon , RED Epic
Canon C300 Mk II / C500
Canon DSLR 5D Mk III
Panasonic P2 Varicam 2700, HDX900
Sony FS700
Mini-Cams. & Lipstick-Cams
Sony MC1, GoPro, Toshiba & Pulnix


LENSES – PL, B4 & EF Mount

Cooke S4 Primes
Zeiss Super Speed Primes
Zeiss Ultra Primes
Zeiss CP2 Compact Primes
Fujinon MK Cine Zooms
Duclos Cine Zooms & Primes
Angenieux Optimo DP zooms
Arri Alura zooms
Canon HJ22 B4 standard zoom
Canon EF ‘L’ Series range
Macro & Tilt-Shift lenses
Metabones Speedboosters
Remote-zooms & grip available



PAG PL96e Lightweight Battery Kits
PAG Mains Units & Charger Kits
PAG Battery Belts
Portable pro-silent Generators



Atomos Sumo 19″ Monitor / Recorder
Odyssey 7Q Plus Monitor / Recorder
Sony 7.4″ OLED Monitor
Panasonic HD LH-1760 17″ LED monitor
Sony HD PVM740 7.4″ OLED field monitor
Sony HD LMD-940W 8.4″ field monitor
TV Logic 5.6″ on-camera monitor
Director’s wireless monitors – audio & video



O’Connor 2060 / 2075 fluid-head
Sachtler 25P fluid-head
Sachtler 20 Speed-Lok fluid-head
Sachtler 18 fluid-head
Miller Solo 25
Ronford Baker F4 system
Manfrotto Mono-Pods
DJI Ronin-M
Polecam Long-Head System (24ft reach)
Hi-Hat, Tall & Short Legs
Lightweight & Sit-On Track & Dolly systems

Teleprompter & Autocue Systems
Jib-Arms, Polecam, Jimmy-Jib, Steadicam etc



DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone
GoPro Karma Grip
Arri follow-focus units
Preston wireless follow-focus units
Arri matte-box systems
Chrosziel matte-box systems
Full range of Tiffen & Panavision filters
TV Logic 5.6″ on-camera monitors
Metabones Lens adaptors:
Canon Remote Zoom Demands



Kino Flo 4ft x 4 bank & 2ft x 2 bank
Kino Flo LED Diva Lite
Kino Flo LED Celeb
Dedo Light Kits with Gobo’s & projector units
Dedo 400 HMI, Dedo Octodome
Arri HMI: 5kw, 2.5kw, 1.2kw, 575
Arri Tungsten: 2kw, 1kw, 800w, open face
Arri 650w, 300w & 150w Fresnel’s
Lite Panels: Bi-Colour 1’x1”battery operated LED
Space lights, Chinese Laterns etc
Portable HMI ‘sun-guns’, battery operated
Lastolite reflectors & On-Camera LED Lighting
Portable Green & Blue Screen Systems
Full range of Stands, Flags, Grip, Gels, Polyboard etc
Portable Pro-Silent generators



Sound Devices 664 & 633 Recorders / Mixers
SQN Stereo Mixers
Zoom, Edirol & Tascam Mixer / Recorders
Digital Slate
Sennheiser 416 / 816 shotgun Mics
Panamic boom-poles – various lengths
Lapel / Lavaliere / Clip Mics: Cos II, ECM77, Tram TR50
Audio 2040 diversity radio-Mics
Director’s Wireless Systems
Motorola Walkie-Talkie Kits
Camera talk-back Comms.



Broadcast Trained Editors
Final Cut Pro X edit suites
Adobe Premiere-Pro edit suites
Portable & Flyaway Edit Systems
VO, Dubbing, Grading, Special FX
Mastering & Duplication



VW Transporter Vans, MPV’s + 4×4’s.
All vehicles air-conditioned.
On-Board power-inverters available.
Crew vehicles carry 5 people with full camera kit.
Full RAC Fleet Cover – includes Replacement Vehicle.
Road-legal and off-road tracking vehicles available.

To discuss your requirements contact us now on +44-(0)207-622-0870 or email us.