2nd November 2023

Live Streaming Tyson v Ngannou Boxing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We’ve just got back from a gruelling but exciting trip to Saudi Arabia where we were filming and live-streaming the Tyson v Ngannou Boxing Match.

With a venue in Riyadh that was barely completed by the day of the fight through to 40 degree heat we were up against it but it all worked seamlessly in the end with our stream being picked up by over 50million people across Africa.

We had French commentary coming from Italy, fight coverage coming from TNT Sport, commercials from the US and promo inserts we had filmed and edited so a lot of plates to juggle but even with patchy broadband we completed the job. We had been filming for a few days before fight-night, picking up various shots of Riyadh using in-car gimbals and Sony A7s cameras through to fully loaded Sony Fx9 units with cine lenses, a range of filters, sliders and time lapse. The day of the fight was a long one - 20 hours non-stop but very satisfying to complete with no issues! We were up against it for sure! Well done to our teams in Saudi and London.

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