Specialist Filming

Specialist Filming

"We have been working with Bluefin TV for a number of years now and would definitely recommend them. They have all camera formats in-house and their tireless crews are always prepared to go the extra mile for that elusive shot…. They are just what we need, and often at the last minute too!"

George Bland Director, Sky Movies

Bluefin Television has extensive in-house experience in a variety of specialised filming techniques and bespoke Mini-Cam installations.

Combined with an established database of tried and trusted crews – each with unique specialist filming skills – we are in an ideal position to help you achieve results you are looking for.

We offer a technical and production consultancy service, working with clients from the initial stages of production. Through on-going discussions, meetings and research we are able to configure the best methods to achieve our clients goals.

Drawing on our extensive experience, this can involve building specialist camera-rigs, coming up with innovative ways of filming or simply using our range of specialist cameras to capture creative and unusual angles.

We have a full range of cameras including the latest DSLR, Micro 4/3 & 35mm sensor cameras, along with sound, grip and lighting rigs.

We have been involved since the early days of RED, DSLR and Alexa filming and have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field.

Our Camera Range Includes:
Panasonic VariCam LT 35, Panasonic GH5 & GH5s, Sony A7s Mk II & A7 Mk III, Canon 5D IV, Canon C300 Mk II, Sony F55, Fs7, F5, RED Weapon, Raven, Scarlet and Arri Alexa, Arri Alexa Mini, Mini-Cams & Go Pro's.

Vehicle Filming

Our highly skilled operatives have experience in all types of vehicle filming – including cars, motorcycles, boats and aircraft.  From car commercials and Top Gear through to F1 and stock cars we have a wealth of experience with vehicle filming.  We also own our own 2oft Karnic 2050 coded Powerboat, 'Bluefin', which we use for off-shore and river filming.  

From tracking vehicles, low-loaders and door & bonnet mounts through to multi-camera filming using radio-controlled mini & micro-Cam systems, we can tailor the right solution to your budget.

Aerial & Drone Filming

We have extensive experience in aerial filming going back to 1990. Working from both helicopters and fixed-wing aircarft, using both manual and gyroscopic systems such as the Cineflex V14 and MSII H2.

We are experienced in various aerial manual filming systems too including, Wescam, Tyler mounts and Kestrel side-mounts.  

Our drone systems include the incredibly versatile 5.2k DJI Inspire 2 and for lower-budget filming the awesome 4k DJI Phantom 4 Pro. We can also supply drone systems for RED, GH5 and Alexa Mini Cameras. For more details visit the drone & aerial filming page.

Underwater & Marine Filming

Our fully-qualified HSE Approved Divers have experience in all types of underwater filming, from simple Presenter pieces down to 30metres, through to Tri-Mix deep-diving and ROV filming.  We own our own coded 20ft Karnic 2050 Powerboat, 'Bluefin', which we use as a dive boat / filming platform and for off-shore, coastal and river filming.  Please contact us for further information.

Ski-Cam Filming

Our highly experienced Ski-Cam DOP's can operate a variety of camera systems whilst skiing. Smaller cameras - such as the Sony A7s Mk II or Panasonic GH5s - offer a fantastic mobile shooting option whilst still retaining 4k 10bit broadcast quality, their smaller size making them particularly versatile. Mini-Cams added to helmets and ski-boots can offer dramatic additional shots too.

Altitude Filming

Our operators are highly experienced at altitude.   From Everest assents to Mount Kilimanjaro and K2 to trekking at altitude in the Andes and Atlas mountains, we have the equipment and crews to cover your expedition.  Please contact us for further information.

Covert Filming

From night-vision cameras, bag, jacket and glasses Cam, through to surveilance-style set-ups, we can adapt our camera units to get the shots your production needs. Our engineers regularly produce one-off filming rigs and have become experts at achieving covert filming camera solutions.

Mini-Cam Filming

We can supply, install and engineer a variety of mini-cam set-ups using the latest 4k / HD camera heads, lipstick-Cams, Covert Cameras, Mini-Cams and Micro-Cams. We stock a full range of popular Mini-Cams including, Underwater Polecam, Sony, GoPro, Toshiba, Pulnix & Panasonic.

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