26th July 2012

New Dry Hire equipment available

Sony F55 large-sensor camera

Aligned with the OLED viewfinder the camera produces stunning images with 14 stops of latitude and is a genuine rival to the Arri Alexa and RED cameras. At 1080 it looks fantastic but also has 2K and 4K recording options. We have a range of PL lenses, including Zeiss, Cooke and Canon. Adaptors allow use of Canon EF lenses and the Canon HJ series zooms.

Sony FS700 Camera

Sony 35mm large-sensor Camera. Shoots 240 fps at 720p and up to 940 fps. Perfect for those dramatic slo-mo shots that can add production value. The camera shoots at 28mbs but we can supply an Aja Ki-Pro recorder to shoot at 50 / 100 mbs – although only in standard frame rates. Slo-Mo records at 28mbs but looks very good.

Other recent purchases include:

Kino Flo Celeb LED Light

Similar to the Kino Flo Diva light the Celeb can be run from battery’s so perfect when no mains power is available. It’s LED’s work perfectly across the colour spectrum.

Sound Devices 664 Field Production Mixer

This award winning recorder / mixer has 6 input channels and four output buses. All inputs and outputs are recordable to both CF and SD Cards. The 664 can send its main L/R outputs to three cameras simultaneously so very useful for complex multi-camera productions.

Datavision Teleprompter

This is a full ‘over the lens’ unit – which can also be stand-mounted next to the camera too. It uses an iPad or iPhone interface with a wired remote control. An iPad comes with the kit. It comes with full instructions and you can be up and running within minutes.

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